Waiting to do something… SooOo Outdated!

I don’t believe there is any introduction that may do justice to the below documentary sneak-peak-taster-“trailer”-snippet as part of a crowdfunding campaign that a group of go-getters with mucho guts and heart have put together and put out “there” which has now become here:

Why is this sending goose-bumps popping all over my arms?

I am keen for positive change in many forms, but the form that speaks to my heart in the strongest way (following an ongoing process of elimination which is; life experience) is the form which presents itself and manifests itself in the form of alternative ways of doing things.

Talking is great, I personally have a weak spot for it – I love it, however talking alone often leaves space for action and whenever talking activates the springing up of some tangible and physical space of creation. Happiness bursts through my soul!

This documentary has reminded me of these 2 powerful and true quotes that propel me through deep ruts and just life in general…

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”-  Anne Frank

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt

[Source of Image – their website]

My little short pitch – This campaign has 26 days left to reach their goal of raising $25 000 (at the time of posting this they have raised just over $6 000 ). I myself have had a funding project which can be found over here and can confidently say that 





and dollar


please make a contribution by donating, sharing and forwarding, clicking like and making a noise so that they can get as much support as possible.

Find them here also – Facebook, Website, Indiegogo


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