Botho aka Ubuntu is the embodiment of a THRIVING community and way of being

Something has been bubbling within me and it is coming out as this blog post.

In order for any community to thrive (please note, not survive) there needs to be something we in South Africa call BOTHO more widely known as UBUNTU. Lately I have been feeling that in this community we are surviving and not thriving.

There is something lacking.

And this something could be summed up in saying that there is a lack of Ubuntu. In case you are wondering what UBUNTU means, here is a short video containing an explanation by Nelson Mandela my former president 🙂

Video found here

I could almost go as far as saying that Ubuntu is the opposite of the Western way of life. Which is very focused on individualism, solitude and heavy self-reliance. I admit that there is a place for these somewhere but at the moment I don’t believe that the western model is a healthy representation of these.

During the year we have often found ourselves in conversation which end up hovering on the belief that “indigenous” people and cultures hold the answers, that their way of life is better and that there is much to be learnt from them.

I agree.

Ubuntu, to me, is one of those concepts that once grasped and attempted to be implemented into our individual lives here, our co-existence in these houses would be healthier.

This is a work in progress, I will continue to expand on my thoughts on this topic. I need to get to bed now, the birds are singing the wake-up song and it’s only 2:35am!!


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