You know when that thing happens…?

When you go into the bathroom and it smells bad

but you really really really need to go

and so you go and do your thing (in this instance a normal, plain and simple number 1)

and you feel super relieved, but when you go out you find someone waiting to go in…

and you know in your heart that that person is thinking

” Oh no, she pooped”

do you think…

a.) I should explain

b.) I don’t give a sh*t (pun intended)

c.) “oh no! now they’re going to think I’m that kind of girl” (or guy)

I just laugh, because life is a funny series of events. I’ve come to realise that more and more and more!

My job in this life is to prove nothing.

It is to live and perhaps inspire, ignite and enlighten along the way (as a bonus).


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