What is listening?


Here I am, sitting here and writing about listening. I keep surprising myself with what I am capable of and who I am becoming. I am dedicating an ENTIRE post to the phenomenon of listening. Wowee.

So this is basically from a deep-seated need to share my observations regarding this topic.

In this community (and many other communities and circles of friends and loved ones) we talk a lot about listening. I have zoomed in on this word and am now ready to share my observations.

Listening is not limited only to the process of absorbing words and sounds into your psyche through the organ we call an ear. No, it is not merely that.

Listening is not limited to a specific time and space.

Listening is not something we can switch on and off.

Listening is not limited to that one sense of “hearing”.

Listening is a way of being.

A method of moving through life,

a process of elimination,

it is not to be isolated, a lonely prisoner,

we listen by observing,

we listen by feeling,

we listen by being quiet,

we listen by acknowldeging presence,

we listen by getting to know others (on whichever level that feels truest),

we listen by being (which leads to doing because being and doing are the same),

we listen by sensing.

[I wish that I could be less abstract, but if you are listening to what I say here you will hopefully get from this, what I aim to put across]



3 thoughts on “What is listening?

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