There’s something about Sundays…

Something that I can’t quite place my finger on.

Today I was inspired to post using mainly images.

and not so many words as I usually do.

Here is my Sunday in images…

and a few sprinklings of words.

Today was a day for making Magwinya – a traditional and popular South African treat, made of flour, yeast, salt and sugar. (Magwinya are also known as a “Vet Koek” which is Afrikaans for Fat Cakes

I have been a little homesick and this was just the trick

It was also a day for strolling through a spring market and also a day for planting.

He accompanied my Sunday journey. Making dough, finding the perfect place to place the bowl so that the dough could raise, frying the batter and munching away!

The first batch – not bad eh.


The resultant “Magwinya mountain” which was enjoyed by quite a few happy mouths and taste-buds!

This guy over here equals PHENOMENAL.

A rare and pleasant sight – a clean Tallevana upstairs kitchen!

I went to a spring fair and market at the school up the road from home. By the time we arrived clothing items were going for 10SEK a bag. How insane? A fellow late-rising Yippie and I shared the bag and I walked away with these items:

A summer robe

Some ALpHaBeT suspenders

A floral waist-coat 🙂

And then I was finally moved to plant the seeds that I received during Initiative Forum from Nature and More.

Promotional shot!

“Sprinkle, sprinkle little seeds”

Time to beautify my new friends

Looking pretty

Their new home


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