Where does my responsibility to act & do begin and end?

This is a rather hard topic which has been weighing on my heart and shoulders for quite some time now and before and so I have decided to open up an invitation to your thoughts, comments and insights. They are welcome in all shapes and forms.

I’m having a little dilemma, and I’m not quite reaching a concrete and comfortable resting place. I believe deeply inside myself that “To whom much is given, much is expected”. I feel that I have been given much. In the way of talents and a gift which I am consciously working towards turning into a craft. Something more beautiful, genuinely useful and helpful to those I meet along the way. Until death do us part I would like this to be my contribution to the waking world, the dream world as well as the cyber world.

My time at YIP has been multi-dimensional.

One of the biggest aspects being that this place is one where I am offered the opportunity to do ANYTHING I want to do (within the realm of positive work). The key word here is A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. A terrifying reality in the way that there is actually nothing standing in my way, there is support, there are resources, there is time and there is space to pursue all that I wish to pursue. It is now and here that I am faced with my fears, they follow me around and sit beside me asking “what are you going to do with me and about me?”, staring me dead in the eyes, also, are limiting beliefs – constantly saying “no, but you can’t do that”, and “that’s impossible” with a smug look on their face. In addition to all this; there is the bitter, uncomfortable truth of excuses, which paralyse me from taking the steps I need and want to take. Excuses cooked up by me, myself and I, puffed up and being fed by the other previously mentioned accomplices, namely; limiting beliefs and fear.

I feel that I am privileged, not just me, but the rest of the youngsters from different parts of the world gathered in this one place called Ytterjärna. We are privileged in many differing ways, we are privileged to have the insight we possess which allows us to see the things we see, to feel that which we feel. We are privileged to be here.

Although I come not from a financially comfortable background, I can confidently say that I have used what I do have to do the best that I can to be where I want and know I need to be. I am privileged enough to access the courage to follow my own little path despite my material and very obvious challenges.

I have had several conversations with people who have been lead to this little big pond called YIP – those that have had the chance to be participants of The International Youth Initiative Program, also friends and family of those that have been a part of this experience.    Many are still searching for what to do next – obviously, as this entire experience of life is a journey in itself. Also because we have all waded through the little big pond of YIP with different intentions, expectations and being in different stages of our lives, growth and development, seeking different kinds of nourishment and truth. This already brings much difference in what we embark on following the experience.

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However, I can not help but feel a little annoyed and *disappointed (I know that this feeling comes from having expectations which I am working on, feel free to read more about my struggle with expectations and letting go of them in this post) by the general level of laid-back-ness of some of my fellow yippies as well as my generation as a whole.

I believe that given the privileges, talents and gifts we are all blessed with, we also have a responsibility  which comes with these. Sort of how it works with rights and responsibilities – e.g: All beings have the right to clean drinking water, and also the responsibility to do what we can to use it well, not waste it and take care of water sources.

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Similarly I believe that there is an unspoken agreement, that we have the privilege to be who we are, stumble along our lives making the mistakes we need to make, see what we see, possess the gifts and talents we hold and therefore also carry the responsibility to use these in order to co-create a better living environment. We have a responsibility to make use of those to bring enlightenment, happiness, alleviate pain and suffering and whatever else we see fit.

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YIP is a fertile soil where I am offered that which I need, to be who I want to be, do what I want to do, do what I need to do in order to advance (both myself and humanity as a whole).

I am fully aware that there is a portion of myself that is feeling this way due to years and years of being brainwashed to do, think and act in a result-oriented manner. Yes, however, I still feel there is a level of responsibility we need to acknowledge.

My question to you then, is this,

“Do we have a responsibility to act and do?” 

If so

Where does my (and your) responsibility to act & do begin and end” 

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