I live

It has been really hard to get back into sharing here. Mostly because there is so much sharing I do in my daily life here.

Sharing space, sharing time, sharing moments, sharing thoughts, sharing food, sharing the bathroom, sharing the shower, sharing the kitchen, sharing my clothes, sharing my creativity, sharing my love, sharing ideas, sharing tea, sharing questions, sharing possible answers, sharing warmth, sharing strength, sharing my deeper listening self, sharing my Self.

And so now – after a FULL week of conversation, laughter, tears, questions, hard work, patience, spontaneity coupled with responsibility and sheer productivity in the form of a magical space called Initative Forum – I am snuggled in my bed and finding that spark within myself that is ready to come here and share once more.

I have begun slowly piecing together my experience of the International Internship which I did (together with 3 ladies from Nepal, Nederlands and Bolivia) from mid February until mid March.

The first of these posts being “First Impressions” and more to follow over the next couple of days as well as the weekend.

Initiative Forum is an event organised by the YIP participants (us). I was not particularly connected to it and had a really hard time slotting myself into a role. However, I rose to the occasion and decided to offer myself fully. What unfolded following this concscious decision surprised even myself. I began to LIVE Initiative Forum, BREATHE it, EAT it, LOVE it.

I observed myself and took notes. Hopefully those that I may pull out at some later time in my life to remind myself of what I am capable of and what a group of people with a shared goal can achieve. That intricate relationship between individual contribution and (sometimes amounting to) collective contribution. Let’s call it co-creating.

A well-crafted and interestingly packaged gift to me and our entire YIP network (I don’t particularly like the word “network”, so please read as “net”).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos courtesy of Hannah Steenbergen: YIP participant 2010-2011 and Pieter Ploeg: YIP Organising Team, YIP participant 2010-2009)

It re-awakened me to the reality of how much we all have to offer, the magic of bringing genuine gifts forward, the real and nearly tangible collective energy humanity posseses and our ability to channel it.

There is so much power in collective intelligence and resources. This experience woke me up to the shifting focus. The shift in the way in which we can bring to life what we dream of and feel is best for our lives, our planet and humanity as a whole. That we are completely capable of creating together with our individual gifts (however insignificant they may seem to the holders of them).

I am filled with hope. A precious and beautiful thing.

I want to remember this feeling.

To bottle it would be ideal, however, for now I clutch it in my up-turned palms and rest in the knowing that it dances within me through my veins into my heart. That it never can be extinguished. It may lose its brightness but it is a vibrant particle of my entire being.


2 thoughts on “I live

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  2. I enjoyed reading through your journal and watching the YIP vimeos. Onwards and upwards in your life’s adventures. Are you still in Bolivia? I guess we’ll find out with your next update. Keep up the good work.

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