Where the heck am I & what am I doing here?

A lot of you have asked me numerous time where I am and what I am doing here. Often times my response is that it is extremely difficult to explain.

I hitch-hike my way around this far-away-from-home place and with all the different conversations I’m constantly having I keep refining my explanation of where I am and what it is that I am doing here.

Here is my sharpened description:

The International Youth Initiative Program is a study program where we are given ideas and techniques of solviong different social ailments that we feel most connected to, our job within that is to remember that we can do anything and to truly go ahead and do it, when we fall we are caught by the people encouraging us constantly. In short – a year of experimenting with the concept that anything is possible while tackling social imbalances and issues.”

Today we have launched a video which explains (beautifully I might add) where I, together with 40 other students from around the world, am and what I am doing here.

Applications for the study program have also recently opened. Click here to browse through the application and site and perhaps apply?!

A magical place

It’s a leapyear. TAKE YOUR LEAP WITH YIP!


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