Easifying Life!

Instead of overwhelming myself with the task of updating you on all the little details of how things have been since I have arrived, I’m opting to give you a picture by sharing with you what my day has comprised of.

There is a slide show at the end of this post for your viewing pleasure. Photo’s I took today.

I reckon it will do the trick.

This morning I woke up in the woods with a couple of the other YIPPIES, no, we were not surprised to find ourselves there. It was a choice to wake up there.

You see, we decided to take our sleeping bags (thanks roomie for letting me use yours!) since it was full moon and sleep under the Swedish sky. My first time.

The fellas made sure I was well clothed. In the end I felt like a Telletubbie .

A very warm one at that.

We huddled together and fell asleep with the moonlight coating our faces.


The morning was a little bit harder for me. My toes were protesting. I think they felt tricked. “Weren’t we warm when we agreed to come out here?” they mumbled and groaned.

Soon after they began they grumbling we were ready to start our day.

We headed back home to Tallevana.

And soon, the cold and frost was forgotten. Hot shower and greetings to my beauty and gem of a room mate set me on track for the day ahead.

The sun is shining. I will take some photo’s today of my surrounds.

We are currently learning tools for different methods of harvesting. I am hanging out with Nanna Frank. She’s so cool. She does graphic facilitation. The easiest way to describe it is this: How to use images to communicate ideas or plans. Simply using drawings to communicate.

We played Pictionary in class to get us warmed up. Our team – “The revolvers” was leading when we left the scoreboard.

I went to Järna to buy some phone credit so I can call home and to get some candles (so necessary at this point in life). I hitch-hiked my way there.

I got 2 lifts one from a shop owner who had just bought milk for his shop from Nibble farm and then by some people from Palestine and Iraq. They were so lovely. We couldn’t understand eachother and they weren’t going where I was going but they made sure I was dropped off where I needed to be.

I felt loved by the world and it’s inhabitants.

And then I met a girl that recognised me from a few weeks ago. Somewhat awkward; as I didn’t remember her. Best get used to it. It’s probably going to happen often.

Then a woman at the same store invited me to a meeting for eco-villages in the EU. Wow.

I went off to the bus station and got dropped off right at home.

I am now sitting here typing this and getting ready to do my community engagement which has changed from the biodynamic farm (Skilleby Tradgard) to Nibble Farm. I sheared some sheep yesterday and petted a pony that was actually a fully grown horse that just looked like a pony.

This place is like no other world I have ever been a part of.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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